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PlayStation 4 Firmware 2.02 Now Available

Dragon Age: Inquisition players take note.

Well that was quick. After announcing yesterday that PlayStation 4's firmware 2.02 would be coming soon, Sony has now officially rolled it out.

This news should come as a relief to the many PS4 owners who've been experiencing technical issues ever since updating to firmware version 2.0, which added Share Play, YouTube integration, and other new features to the system. The update caused a range of issues, preventing some users systems from turning back on after entering standby mode. That issue has since been fixed, but 2.02 will address a wider variety of stability concerns. 

In particular, it addresses a bug that was causing review copies of Dragon Age: Inquisition to frequently crash. I had the misfortune of dealing with said bug first-hand during the first few days of my review, but after receiving a test kit with a beta version of 2.02 on it last week, the issue disappeared. Unless you had updated to 2.0, and then lost your internet connection, you'd never have experienced the issue when Dragon Age: Inquisition hits stores next week. Just remember to install the 2.02 update by then, and you should have the same crash-free experience I had once making the switch. 

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