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Big Changes Coming in PlayStation 4’s 2.0 Firmware

When PS4's big new firmware update launches, it'll come packing some significant changes.

PlayStation 4 firmware 2.0 was first revealed at Gamescom, and it was at that time that Sony promised some pretty big changes for the PS4, including new customization choices, friend-finding options, YouTube uploading abilities, and even something interesting called SharePlay.

Today, the PlayStation Blog outlined some of the changes coming with update 2.0, which Sony has internally codenamed Masamune. Sony has boiled down eight features packed into 2.0 (though they make it clear there’s even more that they’re not ready to talk about).

1.) We already knew PS3-style custom themes were coming to PS4 (as well as Vita), but now we know that you can also change the background color of the console’s home screen to one of seven new colors.

2.) PS4’s 2,000 friend limit may not be enough for some people, especially those who play online often. For those people, PS4 will now recommend new friends for you to add to your friends list.

3.) If you use your PlayStation Camera to speak to the PS4, you’ll find a litany of new voice commands that you can use, most notably when broadcasting games.

4.) You can connect a USB hard drive to your PS4 to play certain types of files off of the drive, specifically music-related file extensions like MP3, MP4, and M4A

5.) Many PlayStation Plus gamers have a tradition of going on the PlayStation Store each month to mark-and-download free games, so that they have them in their libraries later. This new update adds an “Add to Library” button in the PlayStation Store next to free games to make this process easier and more streamlined.

6.) An update to PS4’s broadcasting capabilities allows players and viewers to more easily find what they’re looking for, which categorized channels, and even the ability to search by game being streamed.

7.) Game saves, screenshots, and captured video can now transferred to and stored on external USB-connected devices for safe-keeping and later use.

8.) And finally, PS4’s Content Area, which can be an extremely busy area showing your latest activities, as well as your friends, will be cleaned-up and given new search options to find and see exactly what you’re looking for.

9) (Editor's Note) - The new firmware update will also bring Arabic language support to the PS4. PlayStation Middle East had shown us a few examples of the how the interface will look like at GAMES14 last month, which includes complete UI support with a custom Arabic keyboard.

The PlayStation Blog notes that PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV will be getting an update soon to coincide with PS4’s update – firmware update 3.35 – as well as the PlayStation App also getting an update (2.0) around the same time.

We hope to have more on PS4’s 2.0 firmware update – including more details as to what’s bundled in with it and when it will be released – very soon.

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