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Here's How to Make Your PS4 Even Faster

The SSD you should buy for your computer or PlayStation 4

For your money, nothing breathes life into an aging PC like a sold state drive. Faster boots, better load times, speedier installs, that's what an SSD can bring you, and while it used to mean serious damage to the wallet region, it's now common to see them going for a buck a GB or less.

And they're not just for PCs anymore. It's surprisingly easy to upgrade your PlayStation 4 with an SSD, and it makes for significant perform improvements across the board. Just make sure the drive is at least 160GB - the PS4 won't accept anything smaller - and that it's no more than 9.5mm thick.

The Best SSD For Your PS4 

Here's your sweet spot, a perfect mix of price, performance, and size. It's PS4 compatible, but the one downside is that you won't be gaining any space; 512GB is as big as this guy gets. If you're happy with 500GB of storage, and just want a speed increase, go for Crucial over either Samsung model.

The Fastest SSD

If you want the absolute fastest SSD around - and you're willing to pay for it - then you want a Samsung Pro Series 850. Currently, you're getting the same dollar per gigabyte whether you choose the 256GB or the 512GB, but if you really want massive space, put down a pre-order on the 1TB model. It's coming in September.

This SSD will work in your PS4, but it's overkill. Since Sony's console only has room for one drive, and doesn't accept external storage, you need to go for the biggest drive you can afford, and the 850 EVO isn't the most affordable drive on this list. However, it does make a great option if you're looking for something to install your OS to on your PC, or your a tech professional who has the need, and the budget, for the best. It also comes with a 10-year warranty, the longest by far of any on this list.
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