WWE 2K15: First In-Game Shots of Randy Orton Ready to Strike on PS4 and Xbox One - Consoleinfo
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WWE 2K15: First In-Game Shots of Randy Orton Ready to Strike on PS4 and Xbox One

The Viper is ready to strike.
Earlier this week we got our very first glimpse of what WWE 2K15 is going to look like on current-gen hardware, and it sure was pretty. At least, about as pretty as John Cena grimacing in anger can be. I was pretty sure I spied Orton-butt in that picture, and lo and behold, that has been officially confirmed today with two screens of Orton in ring, ready to face off with John Cena.

"I'm even pretty when I'm angry."

It's pretty much the reverse shot of the Cena image. Also much like the Cena image, the detail is a huge step up from what we saw in 2K14 on last-gen hardware. For good measure, we get one more of Orton being the arrogant show-off that he is:

Yup, The Viper is looking pretty good. It may be worth noting that these screens have been specifically marked "work in progress" by 2K, where the Cena shot was not. Comparing the two, you may notice that there is no audience of any kind behind Cena, but in the first Orton shot, there appears to be what I can only imagine is a placeholder audience behind him, which may be why the shots were labeled as such.

Either way, it's exciting to see WWE 2K15 getting the current-gen, Visual Concepts treatment. Hopefully it looks just as good in motion when I play it, which should be very soon. Be sure to check back on Monday and Tuesday for more on WWE 2K15. In the meantime, head down to the comments and let us know what you think of Orton's look.
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