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Watch Dogs Patch Responds to Community Feedback

Ubisoft's been working hard on a patch that addresses Watch Dog's bad online behavior and drinking game.

Ubisoft has released a major patch for its open-world hacking game Watch Dogs, which addresses community feedback by changing or improving features, as well as fixing several bugs.

"We know it has been a bit since the last patch and this is the reason why," an Ubisoft community manager said on the game's official forums. "We’ve been hard at work making these changes."

Ubisoft said that the patch was designed to optimize player experience and add some replay options to the game. In terms of replayability, players who finished the game's main storyline now have the option to reset previously completed Gang Hideouts and Convoy Missions. Completionists who've been having a hard time with Watch Dogs' Drinking Games will be glad to know that they've been retuned based on community feedback. You can find the exact values that were tweaked in the patch notes, but the short version is that the drinking games are now significantly more forgiving.

For Watch Dogs' multiplayer, the patch makes it possible to select available friends via the grid and hack or tail them without their knowledge, though you can disable this feature under online options.

To mitigate bad online behavior, the patch also made it so players who frequently disconnect from multiplayer matches will be matched with players who behave similarly. If you play against someone who disconnects unfairly, you'll also get the same amount of Notoriety as if you had won, while the player who disconnected will receive none. In addition, ctOS companion app players who disconnect from a game will no longer end the session for PC and console players, who are now able to play the match to the end and earn Notoriety.

Ubisoft also mentioned that PC players with AMD graphics cards will see improved performance with the latest AMD beta driver (14.7).

The patch, which was made available to all systems in the Americas and Europe on August 21, will be out in Asia on August 26.

Watch Dogs launched in May for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC, and became the fastest selling game in Ubisoft's history. A Wii U version is currently in development and is scheduled to launch this fall.

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