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killallzombies Announced For PS4

Socially-determined carnage.

killallzombies, a third-person action shooter, has been announced for PS4.

By the sounds of the PlayStation blog announcement, #killallzombies has a more interesting premise than your usual zombie game. Civilians are thrust into a spectator arena, forced to survive the zombies unleashed upon them in the name of entertainment. The hexagon-based landscape can be used to change the gameplay dynamics by spawning items and creating obstacles or traps.

Stream viewers can join the fun by voting on player perks, choosing encounter spawns, and using chat commands to affect your chances of survival, such as altering your character's speed or health. Co-op modes may be added post-launch

#killallzombies is developed by Beatshapers, and is expected to be released next month. Beatshapers CEO Alexey Menshikov says that it will be "coming to PS4 first," suggesting that it may eventually make its way to other platforms too. A price has not been announced yet.
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