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Super Smash Flash 2

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Version 0.9 has finally arrived! This latest installment contains the most significant upgrades yet! Here is just a small taste of some of the improvements:

-New and improved knockback system
-New 16:9 window resolution
-Options for fullscreen hardware-scaling for lag-free gameplay (For Cltr+F fullscreening)
-Secondary buttons for shield and jump are now customizable
-Dashing is now implemented with custom options for each player
-New menu design with original music
-Customizable player names
-Menu is now 99.9% usable with keyboard keys alone
-Several Event Mode matches and a new Target Test stage added
-New characters and stages
-Loads of new stage hazard content to explore
-Significantly improved AI behavior
-Dozens of optimizations made to help maximize game stability
-..And more!

Downloadable Version:

Windows :
Mac :
Linux :

Video Demo :
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