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Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Release Date Announced

Crossover items are included with pre-orders.

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, the hack-and-slash game in development for next-gen consoles, will release on Sept. 2.

Warriors Orochi 3 released in 2012, combining the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors series –– it also included characters from franchises such as Ninja Gaiden, Soul Calibur and Dead or Alive. Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate will release with improved visuals, a new storyline and new modes for Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.

Omega Games' enhanced version includes 145 playable characters that can be used in several game modes, such as One Warrior Against a Thousand, offline and online competitions, and a hybrid mode composed of team and card battles.

Tecmo Koei also announced that pre-ordering Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate from GameStop will grant Halloween costume sets for Zhao Yun from Dynasty Warriors and Mitsunari Ishida of Samurai Warriors. Alternatively, Amazon and Best Buy pre-orders come with Toukiden costumes for Kaguya, Nuwa and Taigong Wang.

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