Uncharted 4 Will be "Darker" Than Previous Entries - Consoleinfo
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Uncharted 4 Will be "Darker" Than Previous Entries

An industry insider claims the PlayStation-exclusive will adopt a more serious tone. 
The Uncharted series has always been know for its slightly comical, Indiana Jone-ish tone, but the upcoming entry into the popular PlayStation franchise may adopt a more serious outlook.

According to an industry insider, Tidux, Uncharted 4 will be a "darker, story heavy game." The series has more or less always focused on story, but a serious approach could potentially provide a whole together different flavor that what fans are used to. Tidux continues that the story will be "blended with awesome epic moments", which suggest the game will still focus on delivering its trademark over-the-top action seqences.

Lastly, Tidux says the "latest version of Uncharted 4 is bananas, simply bananas", possibly referring to the visuals of the game, which reportedly will offer fidelity like of The Last of Us cutscenes

While the insider has been somewhat reliable in the past, this is still rumor talk, so take it however you may. We should definitely know more about the game during Sony's E3 conference this year.. 

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