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Sony's Huge Loss & Xbox One May Become More Powerful

In today's episode some surprising numbers show face in light of Sony's new fiscal year earnings report. We detail why Sony is suffering even with the rising sales of their new console. Meanwhile, get ready to wall run on trees in Titanfall tomorrow as their first DLC pack rolls out bringing 3 new maps for you to explore...and shoot some TItans in!

Here are the top stories we covered:

Titanfall Expedition DLC Release Date Announced 

The first map pack in Titanfall is releasing tomorrow! Get the details on each new map.

Sony Financials Reveal Huge Loss

Even with the ongoing success of the PS4 Sony is still claiming a loss. Find out which divisions are to blame.

Xbox One Performance Could Become More Powerful Sans Kinect

Microsoft confirms that they are putting focus on boosting the Xbox One's performance level.

Watch Dogs is Not 1080p, 60 fps on Next-Gen

Ubisoft confirms the official resolution and frame rate of Watch Dogs on the PS4 and Xbox One.

Watch Dogs Has 9 Special Editions

Spread out across different territories Watch Dogs will be getting a total of nine special editions. We have the names and content details for each.

Grand Theft Auto Five Sells 33 Million

Grand Theft Auto V continues its winning streak selling 33 million copies to date. Rockstar's other unannounced projects are expected to be big contributors to Take-Two's revenue as well.

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