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Rockstar Games to Release Next-Gen Title by March 2015

Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption developer Rockstar Games will release a "next-gen" console game during the current fiscal year, according to parent company Take-Two Interactive. That means the game will be out for Xbox One and/or PlayStation 4 before March 31, 2015.

Take-Two expects Rockstar Games to make up 45 percent of the company's total revenue in the coming year, which alludes to a major title release from the acclaimed studio. While Take-Two did not divulge any further details about the game, CEO Strauss Zelnick said during a financial call that he is "very excited about what [Rockstar Games] have in store for next-gen systems."

Rockstar Games have been long-rumored to be developing a PlayStation 3-exclusive title called Agent. We have not heard about the game since its inital announcement, but it is likely that Rockstar may be prepping the game for an official reveal some time this year. Will be it a PlayStation-exclusive remains to be seen.

Also, while Rockstar Games have historically never made an appearance at E3, the company remained vague when asked it had any plans to reveal the title during the trade show.

"At this point, Rockstar has not announced that they're going to be attending E3," Take-Two president Karl Slatoff said.

Take-Two recently announced a profit of over $500 million for its fiscal year ended March 31, 2014. Much of the success can be attributed to Grand Theft Auto V, which has sold over 30 million copies so far.

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