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Microsoft Develops a Keyboard with Kinect-Like Gesture Controls

Will even typing be better with Kinect?

Microsoft Research, the in-house research laboratory founded in 1991, has introduced its newest creation: a mechanical keyboard with imbedded IR sensors that allows for "rich and expressive motion gestures performed both on and directly above the device."

"A low-resolution matrix of infrared proximity sensors is interspersed with the keys of a regular mechanical keyboard," Microsoft says of the device on its website. "This results in coarse but high frame-rate motion data. We extend a machine learning algorithm, traditionally used for static classification only, to robustly support dynamic, temporal gestures."

What does that all mean?

"Our goal is to enable fast, easy, and low-effort gestures allowing users to smoothly transition between text-entry and motion-based so that hands always remain in the home position on the keyboard," stated Microsoft Research in a video showing off their new product.

Some of the uses shown include hover gestures to switch between open windows on the desktop, or navigating documents with "coarse swipes and pinch-to-zoom."

The video further shows a person controlling a video game using a "virtual steering wheel."

Microsoft Research currently employs over 1,100 scientists and engineers and "virtually every product Microsoft ships today has been influenced by the work of Microsoft Research," including, not surprisingly, Kinect.
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