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Vita and PlayStation App Updates to Coincide With Major PS4 Update

All of the big changes are coming tomorrow.

Sony has detailed updates for PlayStation Vita and its PlayStation App, both of which will launch with the major PS4 update scheduled for tomorrow April 30.

According to the PlayStation blog, the Vita and app updates are designed to facilitate "greater integration with your PS4 system."

The Vita 3.15 update enables automatic device registration, which will automatically detect and pair both systems when they're both online and signed in. This will make it quicker to get started on Remote Play, or access other second-screen features.

The PlayStation App 1.70 update, meanwhile, enables the option to receive push notifications for PS4 alerts you wish to receive, such as gameplay invitations or friend requests. Friend requests will also become available via email or text message.

Sony also reveal some smaller changes coming to the PS4 console, such as new light-dimming options for DualShock 4 controller, easier ways of making friends, and new payment methods, including PayPal. For the complete list of changes, check out the blog.

The previously announced PS4 patch brings a number of major new features with it, such as the SHAREfactory video-editing app and the ability to pre-download games so they're playable the moment they're released.
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