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Samsung Reportedly Working on Multi-Screen Gaming Platform

Use your Samsung mobile device like a console.

 Despite the admittedly sluggish outlook for micro-consoles like Ouya, plenty of electronics companies are interested in taking a stab at the market. According to a report from Kotaku, a presentation during the Samsung Developer's Conference outlined the Korean company's plans to launch a new videogame platform. Both concepts could make their way to the public later this year.

The "Samsung Gaming Service" takes a two-prong approach in offering games to what Samsung Innovation Lab director Alan Queen calls the "console skeptic" portion of the market. The first is Samsung Mobile Console, which essentially allows you to hook your Samsung handset to an HDTV and play games via a Samsung-branded Bluetooth controller. You could also potentially send games to your television through WiFi. The company sees this option as a competitor in the micro-console space.

Secondly, the company is also working on Samsung Multi-Screen, which offers a game storefront within Samsung Smart TV features. Developers can thereby release games for both Samsung mobile devices and television sets. Both platforms will reportedly roll out in the fourth quarter of 2014. Samsung has tossed around similar gaming concepts over the last couple years, though little has come to fruition.

Amazon is also rumored to be working on its very own game console. Details on that device are slim, but it will reportedly cost "under $300."

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