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PS Vita Slim Announced For The UK

Available on February 7 for around £180.

Sony has announced the PS Vita Slim will be available in the UK on February 7, 2014.

At a briefing meeting this morning, the company confirmed the revamped handheld would launch at a suggested retail price of £180 and will replace the older, bigger Vita model as stock is exhausted. The new, slimmer PS Vita will come with Wi-Fi and a 1GB internal memory card.

The PS Vita Slim is already available in Japan, and is 20 percent thinner than the existing model, as well as being 15 percent lighter. It does away with the OLED screen for a 5-inch LCD display, which helps the battery to supposedly last up to an hour longer. The Japanese one is available in six different colours too, though now word has been made of this being replicated in the west.

The decision to release a cheaper model of the Vita in Europe right now isn't hugely surprising; given PS4's huge success in the territory, offering people remote play at a lower price point than ever before is a pretty smart move.

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