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Moto X smartphone

Moto X smartphone is now $100 cheaper on most carriers

Motorola’s Moto X smartphone just moved into mid-range handset territory with a $100 price drop. 

The 16GB model now costs $100 with a two-year contract on AT&T,Sprint and U.S. Cellular. AT&T is also selling the 32GB model for $150. Verizon is sticking with the original $200 price, at least for now. 

The Moto X had a lot of hype and rumor surrounding it before launch, as it was the first Motorola smartphone where Google’s influence was noticeable. Unlike most other Android phones, the Moto X has hardly any bloatware, and the few features that it adds are actually useful.  

For instance, the phone automatically shows notifications and an unlock button when you take it out of your pocket, and if you say “Okay Google Now,” it will start listening for voice commands even from across the room. 

Minor issues  

Although the Moto X received solid reviews, including ours, some critics questioned the $200 price tag. The screen is not as bright or as crisp as other high-end phones, and the camera is not as responsive or full-featured (though some camera drawbacks were fixed in a software update).  

Another issue for non-AT&T customers is that the phone is somewhat bland-looking in its default white and black color options. AT&T subscribers can fully trick out their phones on the Moto Maker website, choosing color patterns and matching headphones, wallpapers, and engravings. Motorola hasn’t said when Moto Maker will become available on other carriers.  

Despite those drawbacks, the phone deserves a chance, if only because of its clean Android experience and useful software features. Motorola, however, is still bleeding cash, and the 100,000 phones being shipped per week from the company’s assembly plant in Texas, as of September, is not a huge number. Perhaps the lower price is just what the Moto X needs to get the attention it deserves.  
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