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Amazing GIF Shows Evolution of Nintendo Controllers

Check out this mesmerizing GIF that shows how drastically Nintendo controllers have varied over the years.

The folks at GadgetLove have put together an impressive GIF that shows off the evolution of Nintendo gaming controllers over the years. It's really mesmerizing--I definitely watched it loop a few times.

One reason the GIF is so captivating, as GadgetLove points out, is that Nintendo controllers throughout the years have varied substantially in terms of design compared to iterations of PlayStation and Xbox controllers.

An interactive version of the Nintendo GIF is also available through GadgetLove here, allowing you to scroll through the designs at your own pace. The site has also done the same for PlayStation and Xbox controllers.

This GIF's arrival also comes not long after Nintendo confirmed it had begun work on new hardware to follow up the Wii U, which features a tablet-style GamePad controller.

What was your favorite Nintendo controller? Let us know in the comments below!

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