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Mac Pro Teardown Reveals Upgradable CPU

Lots of hardware in a small space

Apple's launched its completely redesigned Mac Pro earlier this month, bringing a new $2,999 desktop computer to the creative professionals of the world. The experts at iFixit have already taken apart the R2D2-like computer and exposed the internals of Apple's intuitively designed machine, which, as it turns out, is relatively easy to repair, if needed.

In the end, the new Mac Pro was given a repairability score of 8 out of 10, with iFixit noting that it was surprised at how modular the design is and how easy it was to disassemble. While not everything in the computer can be replaced and there is no room to add additional internal storage, the team did find that the CPU looks to be upgradable, for those looking to get a more power out of the expensive desktop.
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