PS3 Toolset For 4.86 by bguerville A powerful collection of tools - Consoleinfo
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PS3 Toolset For 4.86 by bguerville A powerful collection of tools

Now supporting 4.86 Fully & Issue fixed with NAND console's in rare situations

 General Information about the PS3 Toolset

- Toolset supports all ps3 models & official firmware versions from 4.82 to 4.85 (cex & dex) *some ps3 models have exclusive features/tools (note: toolset tools will also work from CFW)
- PS3 Toolset is executed from the PS3's Web-Browser by visiting the following URL (SSL):
- PS3 Browser Requirements

*JavaScript (Enabled from browser settings)
*Cookies (Enabled from browser settings)
*Flash Plugin (Enabled, but this one has a few caveats that may need explaining, the good news being that the toolset will detect the issue and let you know how to proceed (if there is an issue), see further explanations below) 

- If ever in the past, you agreed to load the Flash Player plugin when prompted and checked the checkbox "Do not show again", you should have no issue & will never even see the plugin popup.

- If you never before checked the "Do not show again" checkbox, you will be greeted with a popup asking you to allow the Flash player plugin. If you agree to load the plugin, the PS3 toolset should continue to load. Note that if you take more than 15s to agree when prompted by the popup, you will get a PS3 Toolset warning about the plugin being disabled even if you finally agreed to load the plugin, just refresh the page when prompted.

- If ever you got the Flash Player plugin popup in the past & selected NO and checked the checkbox "Do not show again", the Flash Player plugin will be permanently disabled, consequently the PS3 Toolset will not be able to load. Unfortunately there seems to be no official way to reset this setting in the browser. The PS3 toolset does have automatic detection of this issue and some instructions are given. Currently the easiest workaround is to create a new user profile on the XMB, when launching the toolset on the new profile, you will be greeted with the browser pop-up asking to allow the flash plugin. However it has been found that in some cases, a new user profile is not sufficient to reset the Flash Player plugin status. I hope that other devs & advanced users will look into this situation while I continue working on new tools, if nobody does, I might end up looking into the problem after the next tool release.

- You are free to use the tools in this project at your own risk. Keep in mind that no official support is provided, if you experience any kind of problem & find yourself in need of help, I strongly recommend that you turn to the PS3Xploit sub-forum on for support & guidance..
- It is highly recommended that you adjust the console's System Time settings properly to avoid any time related issues with the browser and/or the Flash Player plugin.
- To avoid potential crashes, you should never attempt to close the browser while toolset operations are in progress, especially when the browser exit confirmation setting is turned off.
- PS3 Toolset only loads tools & features compatible for your console, this means no accidental use of a feature not compatible with your system.
- No local/offline version is planned & the source code will remain closed for the time being.

PS3 Toolset is fully supporting 4.86

Issues has been resolved and FMM has been updated to
v1.0.22. A fix for the handful of ppl with NAND consoles who are stuck unable to install another firmware at : 


- PS3 Console (Any Model) running 4.82 - 4.85 (CEX/DEX) Firmware
- Internet Connection to access Toolset from PS3's Internet Browser.
- PS3 Browser Flash Player 9 Plugin enabled (View General Information section for additional info)
- PS3 Browser Javascript enabled
- PS3 Browser Cookies enabled

Quick Overview of Toolset (v1.0.19) Capabilities:
All Models

- Display console's IDPS
- Detects Console's CFW Compatibility + Factory Installed Firmware
- Detects Internal Flash Type of console: NOR / NAND / eMMc ect...
- Detects console & firmware information
- Take's a Full dump (backup purposes) of Internal Flash
- Memory Editor tool (R&D tool)

Custom Firmware (CFW) compatible Models Only

- Patching of OFW Flash (Flash Memory Patch) for Custom Firmware Installations.

From the PS3 web browser you can access the toolset @: (SSL only)​

Toolset Functionality

Displays firmware information

- PS3 Firmware: (version)
- VSH Mode: (Retail (CEX) or Debug (DEX))
- Kernel Mode: (Retail (CEX) or Debug (DEX))
- Custom Syscalls:
            1. detects 'Mamba' (if syscall 1022 exists)
            2. detects 'Cobra' (if 1022 does not exist but syscall 8 works)
            3. detects CFW (if 1022 & 8 are unavailable but syscall 6 works)
            4. Displays 'No' (if neither sc 1022, 8 & 6 are unavailable)

Flash Memory

- the tree contains alot of information about any PS3 console and also provide option for taking a backup (dump) of internal flash
- Quickly determines if your console is a NOR/NAND/eMMc type
- Displaying of console info, also note previous tools user's had to select NOR/ NAND/ eMMc Tools (depending on model), now the toolset automatically checks and detects tools needed.
- Displays your IDPS (option to hide onscreen)
- Will display any Ps3 models IDPS
- Displays Factory Installed Firmware
- If your console < 3.60 that means you can install CFW
- Displays Custom Firmware Installation Compatibility,
- No longer have to check the sticker of your console and run minverpup and check min factory installed firmware, the toolset displays the compatibility of a Custom Firmware (CFW) -Installation for your console.

ROS Bank 0/1
- Display's hash checks of ROS 0 /1 (technically the hashes are not calculated from the entire ros ranges but from the range corresponding to a noFSM patch so that ROS hashes & patch file hashes can be compared.
- Flash Memory Patch (CFW Compatible Console Only)
- Patch Flash for CFW installations

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