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PS4 PKG Linker (A PC -GUI for flatz' Remote pkg installer) by pink1

Developer @pink1 has been working on a new project for exploited 5.05 PS4 with a utility (a GUI) to support flatz' recent release of Remote PKG Installer as many who have been in the forums here @ psx-place, may have seen the progress taken place on this PC-GUI developed by @pink1 in the release/development thread found in the forum (here), After the dev has been conducting several Open Beta's.The project has now maturing to the "first release" with the release of v1.0. Now remotely Install your pkgs with this new GUI that is an extension to Remote PKG Installer. Checkout all the details included and in the links at the bottom.


A PC side GUI tool to go with the PS4 remote package installer from flatz.
This does not allow playing games that require A higher firmware then your exploited firmware!

12/18/2018 - First Release

I've moved away from the installer for now & fixed a few things. From my test everything seems to be working so here is PS4 PKG Linker v1.0.
Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 is required for Apache You can Find it here
  • Extract somewhere with no spaces in the path.
  • Input you PS4's IP.
  • Double click the directory box to select your folder with your pkg's.
  • Start the server.
  • Select a pkg to install or uninstall.

Download Link

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