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PS3 HAN Toolbox v0.4 Released

The Unofficial Companion for PS3Xploit HAN

HAN Toolbox (The Unofficial Companion for PS3Xploit HAN) has been updated to version 0.4 by project creator's @DeViL303 and @pink1 who also recently updated PKG Linker to version 2.0, which is another great release by the two XMB Modding devs. In this update to the Toolbox support for the recent Ps3Xploit Tool releases are now easily available from withing the XMB Mod. No better way to explain this mod then to see it in action and thanks to the video the devs prepared you can see all the new changes and extra details by watching and seeing for yourself.

HAN Toolbox v0.4

Here is update 4 for the HAN Toolbox, v0.4 by @pink1 and @DeViL303, this has the new File Injector hacks from PS3Xploit Team added , Also Demo Downloader item and Local Xploits (PKG Linker 2.0 Required for the local xploits)​

Demo Downloader requires 2 extra setup steps, see the video, its just a package download and an RCO injection. The RCO is built into the pkg, so no extra files needed​

Demo Downloader Setup Instructions:
  •  STEP 1 = Icons: Go to Toolbox Settings > Setup / Update Demo List > Click "Step 1"
  •  STEP 2 = Titles: Go to Toolbox Settings > Setup / Update Demo List > Click "Step 2"
  • Pick explore_plugin_full.rco from the file list.
  • Pick the HANTOOLBX/files path, NOT usb000 (the file is included in HAN Toolbox folder after doing step 1)
Your console should reboot automatically, if it doesn't try step 2 again.

Download From Here

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