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PS3 CFW Play Manager v1.11 PS3 Backup Game Manager 4.82 Update by _Slash_

PS3 homebrew applications including IrisMAN and WebMAN Mod updated to support PS3 OFW 4.82

Play Manager v1.11- Added support for the CFW 4.82 CEX
- Added the option of temperature notifications
- Several minor corrections 

To show the temperature notification only once, simply press the button combination on the SELECT + L2 on the XMB, if you want the notifications to stop showing, simply press and hold the SELECT + L2 buttons until you hear a beep on the button. the console (this means that they have been activated permanently), to deactivate them, simply press SELECT + L2 again and you will hear two beeps in the console indicating that permanent notifications have been deactivated (this way of activating / deactivating notifications in a permanent, take it as an idea of the Irisman code in case someone becomes familiar).

In the Control Fan & USB Wakeup section I added the Temp Display Interval option which is the time it takes the notifications to show, by default they are in 10 seconds, the minimum that can be set is 4 seconds and the maximum 60 seconds.

The Temp5 option will be called Temp5 / Warning and when the temperature becomes equal to or greater than the specified one, it will send a temperature warning message along with 3 beeps (the temperature is also shown) which will be displayed every 6 seconds and as long as it does not lower the temperature that was specified in Temp5, it will not stop showing that warning.

Download : Play Manager v1.11.pkg

Download : sm_default_aggressive_src.7z

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