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Host Your Own PS4 Webkit Exploit Page on LAN by Al Azif

PS4 Webkit Exploit page

Inspired by the recent PS4 Webkit Exploit Local Server tutorial, @Al Azif shared a script to cover many of the steps in the guide and has since updated it releasing on Github for those seeking to host their own PS4 Webkit Exploit page on LAN since Sony started blocking them.

What is this?
This is an easy way for anyone to host their own exploit page for the PS4 on their LAN.


  •     Python 2 (Tested on 2.7.14)
  •     The Python Directory added to your System Path Environment Variable (Windows Only)
  •     This should run on Windows, OSX, and Linux (Tested on Windows 7, Windows 10, and Ubuntu 16.04)

How to download

  •     Download the zip on the releases page
  •     Download with Git, be sure to grab the submodules

How to run

  1.     Run python from the command line  If it starts with no errors, note the IP given to you
  2.     On your PS4 use the noted IP as your DNS server
  3.     On your PS4, go to Settings > User Guide and select it. Boom, the exploit page should load.
  4.     When you're done use Crtl+C to cleanly close the script


You can check the issue tracker for my to do list and/or bugs. Feel free to send a pull request for whatever. Be sure to report any bugs, include as much information as possible.

What if a new exploit is released?

You should just be able to replace the exploit files in the "exploit" folder.


  •     crypt0s for FakeDns
  •     qwertyoruiopz & AN0NY420 for the exploit

Download Link

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