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PS3 webMAN MOD 1.45.08

New Update provided by Aldostools

Following the recent official update to webMAN from @deank, we see the popular fork (webMAN MOD) from @aldostools now receive an update.

1.45.08 Changelog
  • PKG HANDLER, PKG LAUNCHER & MOUNT_ROMS now are standard features in all editions
  • Restored LaunchPad feature to FULL edition
  • Removed redirection of custom FW update returning to XMB (fixes the error 80028E01 accessing PSN; thanks to Joonie)
  • Added option to mount PS2ISO with ps2_netemu on B/C consoles using Cobra 7.5
    (use the tag [netemu] in the file name or add ?emu=ps2_netemu whem mounting a PS2ISO)
  • Added free space graphic for /dev_flash on File Manager
  • Mount /app_home or /dev_bdvd now perform unmount
  • Added disable CFW syscalls: 15, 202, 20
  • Fixed detection of firmware version for 4.81 DECR
  • Fixed exclusion of NTFS games with parenthesis ").ntfs["
  • Added PKG with rebugification theme by Berion
  • VSH Menu now installs 2 new background themes by Berion
  • Updated ps3netsrv build 20170106

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