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How to Buy a New 3DS XL for $100

GameStop rolls out new trade-in promotion, offering $100 in-store credit for your old Nintendo 3DS XL or PlayStation Vita.

Nintendo's New 3DS XL will cost $200 when it's released in February, but you can pick up a unit for half that price at GameStop, provided you have a qualifying old system you want to trade in.

GameStop on Wednesday announced that shoppers who trade in a Nintendo 3DS XL or a PlayStation Vita toward the preorder of a New Nintendo 3DS XL will receive $100 in store credit. Alternatively, you can trade in a Nintendo 3DS or 2DS to receive $75 in credit applied toward a New 3DS XL.

That means you'll be able to pick up a New 3DS XL for $100-$125, before tax, depending on which system you decide to trade in. What's more, this offer applies to all versions of the New 3DS, including the multiple special editions.

The pre-order incentive begins now at GameStop stores across the United States or online. You'll need to make a $50 deposit to secure a unit.

GameStop is also the exclusive seller of the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Edition New Nintendo 3DS XL bundle, which was announced earlier today during a Nintendo Direct. The unit, which comes with a specially designed system and a pre-loaded copy of the game, is available for preorder now at GameStop.

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