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NES-Inspired 3DS XL Coming Exclusively to GameStop

A Persona Q 3DS XL was also announced today and is coming only to GameStop.

A pair of special edition 3DS XL bundles were announced today, and they are quite different. The first is a NES-inspired system that will launch exclusively at GameStop on October 10.

As you can see in the image above, the 3DS XL is silver and features an NES controller design on its cover--it's unclear if that is the extent of the custom design for the system. It also comes in a box that is designed to look like a NES console, evening including the A/V ports. A price was not announced, but presumably it will sell for $199 like other 3DS XL systems.

The other new 3DS XL bundle, also exclusive to GameStop, is focused on Atlus' role-playing game Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. It features the iconic Grimoire styling on its case, as well as character designs on the back. The system will sell for $199, and does not include a copy of the game.

Persona Q, the first Persona game for 3DS, launches on November 25 in stores and through the eShop for $50.

The announcement of these new 3DS XL bundles comes just two weeks after Nintendo revealed a new entry to the 3DS line, the New 3DS. The system, launching in Japan next month and as early as 2015 in Europe, includes a faster processor, built-in NFC support, and better 3D functionality. Nintendo does not plan to launch the New 3DS in North America this year, but has not ruled out a release later on.
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