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Xbox One's latest system update now available

New features like a sound mixer for snapped apps now available through system update.

Microsoft has rolled out the latest Xbox One system update, which offers a range of fixes and new features for the company's latest console. If you're part of Microsoft's early access preview program, this update is already applied to your console, and it has been since early May.

The latest Xbox One system update introduces a new sound mixer for snapped apps, chat volume controls for when you're using Kinect, and the option to help Microsoft improve speech recognition on the system. You don't need to check for the update, as it will be automatically applied.

Using the new sound mixer for snapped apps, you can control the volume levels of two apps. You can also use the mixer to control the volume levels of Kinect when you're using it for chat. The new Xbox One update also allows you to opt-in to a speech data collection program to help Microsoft collect voice samples that it will input into its algorithms to help improve speech recognition overall.

Of course, this is completely optional, and Microsoft says it won't use your voice data for purposes other than improving the product. If you do want to participate, go to Settings --- Privacy & Online Safety -- Customizing Privacy and Online Safety -- and then set "Share Voice Data to Allow."

Microsoft has been rolling out new Xbox One system updates on a regular basis, the most recent of which before this was a larger update in April that brought improvements to the system's Friends, Kinect, and GameDVR features.

An update in June will introduce Games With Gold for Xbox One, and there's even a chance that this update will also bring external storage support--a much-requested feature--to the console.

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