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PS3 webMAN MOD 1.43.32

Another update to Webman MOD (v1.43.32)


  • Added ability to edit small text files (up to 2000 bytes): /edit.ps3
  • Added shortcut to quick install PKG on /dev_hdd0/packages (SELECT+R2+O)
  • Added the option to disable the new combo in /setup.ps3
  • Added remove .bak extension in File Manager
  • Changed spoof CFW version to 4.80 for old Cobra
  • Changed the back button in html response to history.back()
  • Added ability to rename/move the file/folder pointed with the mouse pressing F2 in the File Manager
  • Added optional parameter &to= to /copy.ps3
  • vsh menu 1.10: support install pkg, rename .bak, edit boot_plugins.txt
  • Added histogram of free space on devices to the root directory of File Manager
  • Fixed disconnection of mounted net game when listing games
  • Added wait dialog when games are mounted or filtered in games grid (/index.ps3)
  • PARAM.SFO now shows title, id & app version in File Manager
  • Improved sort of games in HTML grid (now uses 6 characters for sorting names)
  • Added contextual right-click menu to File Manager (PC only)





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