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YouTube Announces Music Subscription Service

Entire albums, finally.

Starting today, YouTube is taking a more direct approach to the music offered via its streaming video service. While official music videos and even user-uploaded tracks have become a staple of YouTube, the new Music Key service offers the option of ad-free listening and viewing.

According to YouTube's blog, a new music category will now appear in your YouTube mobile apps and web interface, displaying recommendations for artists based on what you've listened to previously. Additionally, the YouTube music section will recommend playlists.

Over the coming days, YouTube will also roll out a new option to listen to an artist's whole album--a nice touch when compared to searching your way through a discography track by track.

But if you're really dedicated to watching and listening to music on YouTube, the new Music Key subscription service offers music without ads, the ability to keep listening even if you lock the screen of your mobile device, and offline music playback. The service is currently in an invitation-only beta, with a promotional price of $8/month USD (regularly $10/month).

The subscription also offers access to Google Play Music, which includes over 30 million songs for streaming.

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