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PS3 New multiMAN 04.65.02

Official By "developer deank"

Following the previous release of multiMAN 04.65.01 comes a new update from developer deank today with v04.65.02. In this update "Direct-Disc Access" has now been added for 4.65 CFW. Plus the developer has updated the original webMAN (not the webMAN MOD ) to version v1.31 to add support for v4.65 CFW.

4.65 support for "Direct-Disc-Access" is now added to multiMAN 04.65.02. You should be now able to access all types of optical discs, that includes PS1 game discs, PS2 discs (to backup/convert to "classics"), AVCHD discs (for playback in Showtime) or Blu-ray (to backup and later decrypt on a PC), including any DATA CD/DVD with music/movies.

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