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Unofficial REBUG Updater (AIO) v3.00 - Adds 4.60 Spoof

Tested Models CECHL-01A, CECH-2501
PS3 Developer bitsbubba is back with another release following the recent firmware 4.60 update by Sony. Updating his UNOFFICIAL Rebug Updater (AIO) to version 3.00 for support to Rebug 4.46.1 REX & Lite Editions. This updater will of course have the 4.60 Spoof for REBUG user's and also has various extra's such as Habib's partial Cinavia Patch for BD, In-Game Screenshot and more that can be seen in the official changelog provided below by the developer. 

  • both REX & LITE editions 4.46.1
  • spoof 4.60
  • Rename PlayStation Network (in both XMB & PSN sign in screen)
  • Rename PS3 HDD to System Storage (Package Manager)
  • Habib's partial Cinavia patch for BD
  • inGame ScreenShot 
Download Link : 

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