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Killzone DLC Set to Introduce Four-Player Co-Op

Will also see standalone release.

Killzone: Shadow Fall is set to receive an online four-player co-op mode in June when the Intercept DLC arrives.

The DLC will be free to season pass holders, or available as a standalone option later in the year for those who don't have the original game.

The mode will see you intercept military transmissions from the enemy, and is set to launch with four maps based on key locations in the single-player mode. It'll also introduce four new character combat roles: Assault, Marksman, Medic and Tactician. The enemy Helghast will have their own classes with the ability to summon champions based on key enemies from the story.

Working together as a team nets you points, which in turn can be used to unlock things like artillery strikes and jetpacks.

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