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Mod Makes Watch Dogs Look Like the E3 2012 Trailer

A user mod adds dynamic shadows, improved lighting, bloom effects and performance gains. 

One of the main contesting point against Watch Dogs from fans is the apparent downgrade in visuals than what was shown at the E3 2012 reveal. The game that shipped this year certainly did not look as visually impressive, even on a beefy PC with all settings turned up to maximum. Ubisoft continues to vehemently deny downgrading the visuals, but comparison videos between the E3 2012 trailer and the shipped version makes it obvious that cutbacks were made.

Adding fuel to the fire is TheWorseMod, a simple mod-file that triggers the beautiful visuals that Ubisoft first debuted the game with. Created by a Guru3D user, the mod raises the game's visual fiedlity using existing installation files and requires no additional downloads to make it work. The mod promises, changes to default fog values, bokeh DOF effect, 'E3 2012 Bloom', headlight shadows, LoD changes, lensflares, changes to lightining, and even performance improvements.

The result is astounding:

Users are reporting minimal to no degradation in performance, and some even claim that it has helped iron out the game's annoying stuttering problem as well. Others are also reporting that they were able to play at a higher setting than what was possible with the vanilla version. I have personally tried the mod, and I can say that, while the bokeh effect is a tad too much, the overall improvements to the visuals is pretty impressive.

Download Mod (0.7) :  
UPDATE 16/6/2014


Installation: Open one of the folders and put the files inside your data_win64 folder (/yourinstallationpath/Watch Dogs/data_win64) 

In order to use my ultra preset you must go to your gamerprofile.xml located in (/documents/My Games/Watch_Dogs/YOUR_PROFILE/gamerprofile.xml) 

In render profile find the words quality="_runtime" and change it to "ultra" save the file and close

Keep in mind if you change the graphical settings from inside the game, the gamerprofile.xml will be set to default again. 

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